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Die Hafenlesung ist eine internationale, mehrsprachige Lesereihe in Hamburg, die sowohl unterschiedliche Textformen wie Lyrik und Prosa zusammenbringt als auch bereits etablierte Stimmen mit neu zu entdeckenden mischt. Jede Ausgabe bringt Gegenwartsliteratur in mindestens vier verschiedenen Originalsprachen und lässt damit Hamburgs Aura eines weltbekannten Hafens und Ort des Zusammentreffens unterschiedlicher Kulturen literarische Blüten treiben. Neue deutsche Übersetzungen werden oft eigens für die Lesung angefertigt; so wird die Lesung auch ein Ort des Zusammentreffens der AutorInnen mit ihren Übersetzern. Unser Leseort, das Nachtasyl, ist einer der wichtigsten Hamburger Clubs und Zentrum der Alternativ- und Theaterkultur.
Hafenlesung is an international and multilingual reading series based in Hamburg, Germany, which brings together both poetry and prose, and joins well-known with yet to be discovered writers. Every installment features contemporary literature in at least four languages, thus incorporating Hamburg’s aura as world-renowned port and place of coexistence of many cultures. If not available, new translations into German are commissioned, bringing together authors and translators. The venue is Nachtasyl: one of Hamburg’s finest clubs, and a centre for alternative & theatre culture, by the Alster.
Die Hafenlesung wird von foundintranslation organisiert, einem internationalen AutorInnenkollektiv, das sich seit 2014 für eine Dynamisierung der Hamburger Literaturszene einsetzt, um sie attraktiver und zu einem Ort der Begegnung neuer AutorInnen, Nationen und Generationen mit ihrem Publikum zu machen.
Hafenlesung is organised by foundintranslation: an international writer’s collective that since 2014 strives to make the Hamburg literary scene more dynamic and attractive for a new audience in which  different languages, nationalities and generations coincide.

Lubi Barre


Lubi Barre is a writer of non fiction short stories. She recently published her story “Goodbye” in the anthology book “My Old Man”. She co- organizes the monthly reading series called Ahab, hosting the English edition. She is a member of the residency Writers Room and is currently working on a short story collection.

She lives in Hamburg.

photo credits: Tina Mavric Photography

tomas cohenbild

Tomás Cohen

Tomás Cohen is a writer and translator from Chile.

He has read his poetry in recitals and festivals in Argentina, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany and the USA.

He received grants of the Pablo Neruda Foundation and the Chilean Fund for the Arts. His book “Redoble del ronroneo” was published in Argentina in 2016. His poetry has been translated to Greek and German, and published in EDIT and other magazines.



Annika Dorau

A graduate of typography and literature, Annika Dorau lives and works in Hamburg. Her projects focus on language, the in-between of the written and spoken, heard and read. She is a member of the foundintranstlation collective and co-organiser of the international reading series Hafenlesung as well as the independent publishing festival Indiecon. Annika currently works at the publishing house Die Brueder.

photo credit: Karine Bravo

Jonis Hartmann

Jonis Hartmann was born in Cologne in 1982. Since a few years he lives and works in Hamburg. His texts include fiction, poetry, essays and translations – published at Edit, Akzente, Ostragehege a.o.

He is a member of the writers’ collective Forum Hamburger Autorinnen und Autoren and currently chairman of the writers’ room, a 50-plus member writing atelier in Hamburg. Jonis also organizes the monthly reading series AHAB.

Recent publications include the volume of poetry Bordsteinsequenzen (Elif Verlag) and B-Texte (Literatur Quickie Verlag), miniatures.


Hugh James

Hugh James is a writer and musician hailing from New Zealand and living in Hamburg. Having recently completed his first novel, Allow Me To Demonstrate, Hugh James is currently working on his next manuscript. A member of the international writer’s collective, foundintranslation, Hugh James is a co-organiser of the Hafen Lesung series.


Nefeli Kavouras

Nefeli Kavouras started talking only at the age of four. She spoke German even though both of her parents are originally from Greece. Nefeli doesn’t speak Greek well but believes that this language is actually her mother tongue. She is a student of cultural studies in Lüneburg, lives in Hamburg and is a member of the writing residency the Writers’ Room and works at the independent publishing house mairisch Verlag. Nefeli writes in German and aspires to someday write in her true mother tongue, Greek.
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