Who is actually FoundinTranslation? – with Lubi Barre

Who is actually FoundinTranslation? – with Lubi Barre

Dear Lubi, please tell us first who you are.
Originally from Mogadishu, Parisian by birth, and Californian by upbringing, I am a writer who has been calling Hamburg home for the past seven years. 

How did you become a part of foundintranslation?
This is a story I am very fond of and often tell. I met Jonis Hartmann in 2016 through my interest in joining the Writers Room. He invited me to read in that Spring at Hafenlesung and after the reading invited me to join the collective. I owe a lot to Jonis. He is the reason the doors to the literature scene in Hamburg, and Germany as a whole, opened up for me. Without him, as an English writer living in Germany, I would have remained a long time at the fringes of the literature scene.



What does this actually mean to you – found in translation?
For me as a minority writer writing in a minority language in a foreign country, found in translation is the closest feeling to a literary home. Being found and understood in a writing language you choose as your emotional and intellectual language, crossing cultural and linguistic barriers, and spreading your ideas and connecting to those like minded as well as different minded than you. That feeling and curiosity of comprehension.


What’s been your biggest Hafenlesung-Highlight so far?
To be honest every reading that I was a part of so far has been a highlight. Even though each one has the same framework, the dynamic and difference of the writers and artists participating coupled with the often new faces in the audience results in a one of a kind experience each time.


Imagine we had absolutely no bounderies- who would you love to invite to Hafenlesung as an author?
This is hard to say. One of the many reasons I enjoy Hafenlesung is the diverse team behind it. This means that each member has an input and through that we collectively invite different authors and artists that my network alone would not cover. This means I am introduced to new authors every time we do a reading and I am grateful for that as I have met some amazing people. People that would never have been on my radar. So my long winded answer is, all the authors I would love to invite will probably appear in the future readings.